3 Reasons to Automate Business Processes in Your Organization

Since the canicule of the automaton, workers accept been analytic for agency to automate the chiral business processes that abduct time from added important jobs. Communicating with colleagues, manipulating spreadsheets, entering chump advice into a CRM… these are all examples of time-consuming chiral processes that can be done bigger and faster by anyone (or something) added than you (no offense).

If your abstraction of fun is artful and pasting argument all day afresh by all means, abide accomplishing what you’re doing. Your competitors will adulation that. But we’ve got some thoughts on why you should at atomic accede automating business processes in your organization. Here are a few.

Reason 1: To Err is Human. It’s Also Expensive.

In a accumulation of absurdity ante by business task*, as appear by studies over the endure 30 years or so, absurdity ante for medication prescriptions were begin to beat 1.6%. Abstracts access absurdity ante for able typists ranged as top as 6%. In general, the animal automatic (I.e. by hand) absurdity amount for abstracts access tasks is 0.5%. Seems baby at first, but what if you’re entering adjustment abstracts from 100 online affairs into your CRM? Or, if you’re accumulation banal achievement for 100 altered alternate funds from an online investment website? What if you’re alteration decree doses for 100 patients? That’s 5 errors that accept the abeyant to amount you money and maybe lives. You can apprehend to accomplish 5 errors per 100 annal any time you’re manually alteration information. The fun allotment is: You’ll never apperceive which annal or pieces of abstracts will be wrong. Get yourself an automatic band-aid that enters and changes abstracts for you automatically, and you’ll never accept to anguish about abstracts errors again.

Reason 2: Accept Time to Kill? Neither Do I.

Here’s the abundant affair about never authoritative an error: You don’t charge to decay time acclimation them. If you’re advantageous abundant to bolt an absurdity (see #1 above), and it’s a analytical one, you’ll charge to go aback and do the job again. In some industries like health insurance, area the amount of a reprocessed affirmation is 4 times that of one that gets accustomed the aboriginal time, that rework time can be a killer

Think of an automation software band-aid like a “digital employee” – anyone who basically does the a lot of abhorrent locations of your job for you so that you’re chargeless to do added things. Digital Employees about plan faster than bodies in a lot of web or Windows applications, so added gets done faster after rework. Even if it DIDN’T plan faster, you’d still be chargeless to accomplish added tasks while your software band-aid did all the typing, copying, and pasting. Automation basically allotment 100% of the time spent on chiral business action aback to you so that you can go serve customers, win business, or yield a vacation.

Reason 3: It’s Easier Than You Think.

A acceptable automation software band-aid can be installed and put to plan central of a few hours. Sure, there are some solutions out there that crave coding or programming to operate, but the affectionate you’re searching for can be “taught” to accomplish tasks artlessly by beat and boring your abrasion to altar on the screen. The software should afresh present you with a attenuated account of accomplishments that plan with the article you’ve targeted. You shouldn’t accept to annal through 200 accessible choices if all you charge to do is bang a “Submit” button.

Automation software solutions that in fact plan like “digital employees” use a alternation of accomplish (called a script) to accomplish a task. They plan off of those scripts agilely because it’s what you accept told them to do. And they do it flawlessly. If apropos over acquirements curves and accession times are preventing you from automating your workflows and business processes, accept the appropriate band-aid and put those fears to rest.

*Here’s that link: http://panko.shidler.hawaii.edu/HumanErr/Basic.htm